Student Service Department
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Student Service Department (SSD) is an office specially formed to provide support, guidance and pastoral care to all local and international students throughout their studies at KDU College. SSD offers a wide variety of value-added student services, activities and facilities to help students adapt to the studying environment at KDU College. Through our student activities and personal development programme, students are given the opportunity to cultivate their talents and realize their own potentials.



"We are here to be truly committed and dedicated in providing care and services in order to help our students achieve a comfortable and fulfilling campus life."



Our mission can be represented by a single word "STUDENT", where each alphabet stands for its own distinctive meaning:

Service with efficiency and reliability
To represent students in external liaisons
Understanding students' needs and concerns
Discovering, developing and cultivating students' potentials and talents
Extra value-added service provider
Nurturing students in achieving an enriched personal growth and development
Total commitment in providing comfortable and affordable facilities



"We walk you through campus life."


Student Services
Student Development
Student Facilities